License Agreement

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Vendors of Perennial and Woody Nursery Stock

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Model Components Description

Specific details of the Nebraska Fresh Produce Model components. The project was created by NDA, with funding assistance through USDA.


Survey of Nebraska Households

Research identifying consumer purchasing behaviors to determine the level of interest in and the current pattern of purchasing locally grown or produced products from several different sources, with an emphasis on fresh produce.


Survey of Nebraska Households Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation of the information contained within the Nebraska Households Study.


Farmers Market Food Safety Presentation

Presentation identifying the importance of food safety and how to inhibit product contamination of fruits and vegetables.


Nebraska Fresh Produce Situation Analysis

Collection of primary and secondary research and third-party observations of the Nebraska fresh produce industry. Information serves as the basis for recommendations made in the Marketing Plan.


Nebraska Fresh Produce Marketing Plan

Objectives, rationales, strategies, and tactics identified to help Nebraska fresh produce growers increase revenue and profitability from their operations.


New Nebraska Fresh Produce Logo

An official Nebraska fresh produce logo and design was created. It is entitled, "Nebraska Our Best to You." This new design and slogan is intended to help promote Nebraska's fresh fruits and vegetables.


New Magazine and Newspaper Advertisements

Nebraska Fresh Produce magazine and newspaper advertisements were created. Ads are designed to help promote Nebraska's fresh produce industry in Nebraska's cities, towns, and villages.


A Producer's Guide to Maximizing Yield